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Stree Address City State Pin Code How are you cleaning / degreasing today ? What issues is the company having with their current cleaning product & process (Examples : Not properly cleaned, Safety, Cost of Use, Compliance e.t.c) ? Do you have a cleaning equipment (Examples : ultrasonic, spray wash, dip tank, immersion e.t.c) ?

if yes, you have a cleaning machine, what equipment do you use, explain ?, if No, are you planning to buy one ? What contaminant are you trying to clean (example : Oil, Grease, Buffing compound...) ? What metal type is your component you are trying to clean made up of (Surface type Examples: Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Cast Iron) ? Also give us the size, contour of part / product to be cleaned, including any thread(internal/external), blind hole, through hole or grooves etc. ? Please give dimensions of your component (length, height, width, weight ..)? Any Agitation / force (Spray wash cleaner) used for cleaning with your cleaning equipment (psi/kg cm2/bar) ? What is the Heat/Temperature used to clean ? °Celsius What Concentration or Dilution of the chemical is used today/currently ? (example : 5%, 10% or 1:20 ratio) Is Rinsing done after cleaning ? Is Drying done after cleaning ? Cleaning Tank Capacity ? (in Litres) What is the Operation Prior to Cleaning?: What is the next Operation After Cleaning?: Any additional Comments you like to add ? The qty. of parts/products to be cleaned per day or per week or per month with indication of number of shift/s ? Need CORROSION INHIBITOR to prevent from RUST ? How much cleaning chemical (Litres) you need monthly ? [Litres per month] : Do you like to send your components for a FREE cleaning trial to our factory ? :  

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Removing Carbon Deposits from Enginge Components is one of the toughest challenge. This Alkaline Industrial Carbon Remover is up to the challenge to remove tough black and burnt carbon deposits from enginge components.

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Excellent Aqueous based concentrated alkaline Non Ferrous Cleaner / Degreaser. This Alkaline Industrial Soft Metal Cleaner / Degreaser removes oils, dirt, grease, dust e.t.c from Aluminium, Copper, Brass e.t.c easily and quickly without harming the metals. You will not see any white patches or white rust with this excellent cleaner.

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Excellent Concentrated Industrial Floor Cleaner that be further diluted and used to remove oil, grease, dirt that have been built up in your floor shop.

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Low or No Foam Spray Cleaner and Degreaser which provides exceptional cleaning results in conjunction witha hi jet spray cleaning machine.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner that works very effectively in different types of SS materail (304, 316...). It cleans and shines stainless steel quickly.

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All round Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser that very effectively removed Oil, Grease, Dirt, Dust very FAST!. Use it with your ultrasonic cleaner or spray wash equipment or immersion tank or manually, this product WORKS!!.

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