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POWER CLEAN Housekeeping Chemicals are the best products you can lay your hands on to keep your premises spic and span. From bathrooms and toilet bowls to glass, mirror and floors, keep them clean, fresh and smelling good with a complete range of products designed to do the job perfectly.

Our Range of products

A clean and fresh work environment can benefit your business establishment in more ways than one. POWER CLEAN has an extensive range of Housekeeping Chemicals to keep every nook and corner of your establishment sparkling clean. For your every day cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces, try the cleaning power of POWER CLEAN Floor Cleaner. With POWER CLEAN Bathroom Cleaner and POWER CLEAN Toilet Cleaner, cleaning and maintaining bathrooms and toilet bowls is no trouble at all. If hard water is leaving its marks on the walls and floors, then POWER CLEAN Descaler - DE37 can clean up the scales for a shining look.

We also have Housekeeping Chemicals to keep the glass and mirror surfaces of your establishment squeaky clean. With POWER CLEAN Glass Cleaner, even your furniture will now get a polished new look. Fresh smelling surroundings can keep up the morale and spirits of your employees. POWER CLEAN Air Freshner has an invigorating scent that anyone will love. Is your pantry and cafeteria ridden with the stale dairy smell? Worry not! Our range of Housekeeping Chemicals has a solution for your problems. Check out the POWER CLEAN Chimney & Oven Cleaner and you’ll be amazed by its cleaning prowess.

Our Experience and Promise

We have an expertise of more than 18 years in delivering industrial degreasing chemicals that are not only effective and economical, but environment friendly too. The same expertise extends to our range of Housekeeping Chemicals. So, you can expect them to be:

  • Worker Friendly
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Budget Friendly
Product Name & Application
Bathroom Cleaner Send Enquiry
Bathroom Cleaner like TASKI R1

POWER CLEAN Bathroom Cleaner is highly effective acidic cleaner that completely removes all kinds of salt deposits, scaling and mineral stains from ceramic tiles, fittings, drains, etc. Removes mineral deposit rings from urinals, washbasins & ceramic tiles. It can also be used to de-scale HVAC components, pipes, sprinklers, humidifiers and spray rack systems

Usage :
  • Regular cleaning: dilute 20 ml per one litre of water, spray and brush off dirt. Rinse after removal of dirt.
  • Heavy contamination or soap deposits: spray directly on to the dirty surface, wait for some time; scrub and wipe clean. Rinse after removal of dirt.
Hard Surface Cleaner Send Enquiry
Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner TASKI R2

POWER CLEAN Multi-Surface cleaner (High Foam) is 100% eco friendly and have no harmful & inflammable gases. The formula is safe for use on all surfaces and gives you a single solution for routine maintenance of floors, tables, counters, vessels, glass and many other surfaces. It can be used to clean and disinfects kitchen slabs, bathroom slabs, door knobs, Refrigerators, Handles, Faucets, cutting boards, toys, carpets, tables, other surfaces.

Usage :
  • Normal Soiling : 10-12 ml in 1 Litre Water
  • Heavy Soiling : 20-30 ml in 1 Litre Water
  • Turn the nozzle to Spray Position and apply fine mist over the surface. Wait for few seconds and then wipe and clean with dry cotton cloth.
Glass and Mirror Cleaner Send Enquiry
Glass & Mirror Cleaner TASKI R3

POWER CLEAN Glass cleaner removes dirt, dust and gives shine without leaving any ugly streaks while taking care of the surface. It can be used for cleaning Mirrors, Glass Windows, Fridge, TV, Kitchen cabinets, Laptops and Laminated surfaces.

Usage :
  • Dilute 3:1 ratio of Water and Glass cleaner Concentrate.
  • Pour it in a Spray bottle. Turn the nozzle ON and spray fine mist over the surface.
  • Wipe with clean dry cotton cloth or Newspaper to get complete clean surface.
Wood / Furniture Cleaner Send Enquiry
Wood & Furniture Cleaner TASKI R3

POWER CLEAN Wood & Furniture Polish is excellent for use on all furniture, doors and other wooden surfaces. It removes all dust and dirt and scuff marks and leaves the surface smooth and shining. This polish provide your furniture with superior care ensuring a beautiful natural finish on all surfaces, especially wood.

Usage :
  • Fill in spray bottle and spray fine mist over the surface
  • Wipe and clean dry with a cotton cloth to get clean and sparking results
  • Do not use on floors or the inner surfaces of baths as it could make them slippery.
Room Freshner Send Enquiry
Wood & Furniture Cleaner TASKI R3

POWER CLEAN water based air fresheners are 100% eco friendly and have no harmful & inflammable gases. It disinfects, kills virus and bacteria in the air and gives the area a very clean & energetic feel. It can be used on bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, fabrics like curtains, headboards, bed linen, etc. It is available in different fragrances like Citric Lemon, Fresh Linen, Summer Breeze and Floral Rose.

Usage :
  • Turn the nozzle to Spray Position and apply fine mist over the rooms & surface.
Flavours of Room Freshner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Send Enquiry
Toilet Bowl Cleaner TASKI R6

POWER CLEAN Toilet bowl cleaner is a specially formulated solution for all kinds of stains in WCs, urinals & drain traps. Our unique blended acidic formula gives you a sparkling shine removing all deposits such as soiling, minerals, dirt, germs and rust stains.

Usage :
  • For daily cleaning spread the liquid throughout the bowl.
  • Allow it to stand for 5-10 minutes, brush and then rinse thoroughly with water
  • For heavy deposits repeated use will completely clear all marks and stains.
Hard water scale remover Send Enquiry
Tap Descaler TASKI R9

POWER CLEAN DE37 - SCALE REMOVER is a highly effective and non corrosive acidic cleaner that completely removes all kinds of salt deposits, scaling and mineral stains from ceramic tiles, fittings, drains, etc. Removes mineral deposit rings from urinals, washbasins & ceramic tiles. Can also be used to de-scale HVAC components, pipes, sprinklers, humidifiers and spray rack systems.

Usage :
  • For regular cleaning dilute 20 ml per litre of water and use for general disinfection and cleaning on floors. Rinse after wiping clean.
  • For heavy contamination or soap deposits spray directly on to the dirty surface allow to stand on the surface; scrub and wipe clean, rinse immediately.
  • Do not scrub chrome plated fittings.
Hand Wash Send Enquiry
Hand Wash

POWER CLEAN Hand wash liquid is an anti-germ & moisturizing formula for applications in Offices, Homes, Hotels, malls, public restrooms and schools. This liquid is also safe to be used in Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics to protect from germs. Very gentle on skin and leaves your hands smelling fresh.

Usage :
  • Take few drops, add water and rub the hands together to create foam and lather.
  • Rub the back of your hands as well as your fingertips and nails.
  • Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth.
Flavours of Hand Wash
Oven & Chimney Cleaner

POWER CLEAN Oven & Chimney Cleaner is specially formulated to fight strong grease and grim in the kitchen area such as tawa, ovens, grills, chimneys, hoods, etc. Our highly alkaline formula fights even the strongest bonds and ensures a sparkling surface. It strips away grease deposits and burnt on food from most surfaces.

Usage :
  • Dilute the cleaner and water in the ratio of 1:2.
  • For Oven, Grills and Stoves : Warm the Grill, Oven to 30-50 degrees. Spray solution and let it stay for 15 minutes.
  • For Chimney : Soak the Chimney in a big bucket with Warm water solution and let it stay for 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the surface and rinse thoroughly with water.
DISHWASH Send Enquiry
Dish Washer

POWER CLEAN Dishwash liquid is formulated to fight the grease with ease while leaving your utensils and kitchen smelling fresh and provides you a holistic cleaning while taking care of your soft and smooth skin. Its highly effective on oil stains and grease deposits of the kitchens. It is safe to be used on stainless steel, chinaware, aluminium, brass and copper ware, melamine, glassware, non-stick ware, crockery and crystal ware.

Usage :
  • Use 20ml liquid in one litre of warm water.
  • Scrub utensils using a self-bristled nylon brush or scrub.
  • Rinse , drain and air-dry. For heavily stained utensils, use 50ml in 1 litre of water.
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